• All of the company’s activities have a full focus on the customer, with spirit of service and as a guarantee for the future, building a strong, long-term relationship of trust, based on mutual knowledge.
  • The Group’s agile and decentralised organisation encourages the responsibility and initiative of employees, and serves as basic tool to generate maximum levels of profitability and to promote the excellence necessary to offer the best services and products to our customers.
  • CYMI, as a company pertaining to the ACS Group, is fully committed to sustainable development, serving society in an efficient and ethically responsible manner, based on its capacity to generate value for the company and all its stakeholders, demanding the highest standards of integrity among employees and collaborators.
  • CYMI has developed and implemented a code of ethics and conduct, which is applied throughout the organisation and in the relationship with our partners and suppliers.
  • These values, which have been part of the Group’s culture since its creation, represent the main competitive advantages that form the basis of past and future growth.