CYMI has a company called CYMI SEGURIDAD, whose exclusive objective is the design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of security installations, as required by Spanish legislation. It is registered at the Directorate General of Security of the Ministry of Interior with number 3157.

CYMI SEGURIDAD has been entered in the Company Register of the Directorate General of Weapons and Equipment of the Ministry of Defence with number 5527 since March 2005.

We offer services in the field of:

  • Installation and maintenance of security equipment, devices and systems.
  • Operation of centres to receive, verify and transmit alarm signals and notify Security Forces and Corps, as well as provide response services which these Forces and Corps are not responsible for providing.
  • Planning and advice in security activities.

Our main Clients are:

Public Bodies: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, SIEP (Prison Infrastructure and Equipment Company), Ministry of Culture, Ministries of Governments of Autonomous Communities, City Councils, Museums, Libraries.

Private Companies: Banks and Saving Banks, Construction Companies of Special Buildings, Industrial Plants, Refineries, Electricity Generation Plants.