The purpose of this activity is the realisation of EPC projects (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) of Photovoltaic Farms, and the electric and instrumentation installation of Solar Thermal Plants both in Spain and abroad.

There are two types of Photovoltaic Plants:

  • Facility connected to the electricity network
  • Facility not connected to the electricity network

The Renewable Energy Department has built over 15 photovoltaic plants connected to the network of the three main types:

  • Trackers
  • Fixed structure
  • On rooftops

For facilities not connected to the network, renewable energy sources (solar and wind) play an especially significant role, above all in rural electrification, telecommunications, road signage, and, in general, in all those facilities where the electricity network does not reach. The viability study CYMI rconducts is the one best suited to each project’s requirements, and includes electrical and mechanical engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning, so that the product is ready for connection.

At the moment,CYMI is performing a project financed by the European Economic Community for various Latin American countries, which consists of the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of 400 installations in five countries (Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, El Salvador and Guatemala) to electrify the social centres of the communities where the school and health centres are located.