Modular Track Renewal Train

It consists of the following elements:

  • Self-Propelled track-maintenance car with tower, trestle and crane.
  • Modular Winch.
  • Self-Propelled Catenary Renewal Unit.

It allows for the installation in mechanical tension of the catenary and contact wires, adapting to the typical characteristics of CR160, CR220 and high speed overhead contact lines.

It positions the catenary and contact wires at their height and zigzags them

It lays national and international width tracks,continuously and simultaneously, synchronising the hanging and regulation of cantilevers.

As it is modular, its modules can be used for various tasks at the same time. There can be two separate track-laying trains to lay feeders with each of the two tensioning / winch units.

It can renew the overhead contact line in short current cuts. It disassembles, collects and installs simultaneously.

It reduces the completion period and impact on traffic considerably, thus increasing the reliability of the works.