Low Voltage Electrical Switchboards

We have a wide range of switchboards for all types of electricity distribution <1000 V in alternating current and <1500 V in direct current, as detailed below:

  • AC and DC Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Centre (CONTROLBLOC 500)
  • Fixed Motor Control Centre with or without Compartments
  • Distribution Boards by Control Gear Manufacturers

General Technical Characteristics of the Boards:

  • Bare copper, tin-plated or silver-plated busbars, with a rating of up to 6,000A
  • Short circuit levels tested up to 100 kA 1” and a peak of 260 kA
  • Distribution in three phases or three phases with neutral
  • Insulation level up to 3.5 kV 50 Hz. 1 min.
  • Protection class and form according to standard IEC529 and EN-60439
  • Standardised or specific dimensions for each project