Integrated Process Analysis Systems

CYMI has a specific section for the engineering, design and manufacture of integrated process analysis systems in the manufacturing department.
Projects are performed by our fully qualified personnel with over 15 years in the sector.

The work we can offer in the various project phases are:

  • Mechanical design of the Housing, Panel, Cabinet or Rack
  • Electric design of all the components
  • Pneumatic design of systems (cabinets, plates, collectors, etc.)
  • Design and calculation of the system equipment (exchangers, temperature and pressure reducers)
  • Specification of housing air-conditioning equipment
  • System programming
  • Pressure protocols
  • Assembly of the complete system in the plant
  • Pre-commissioning and start-up

We also offer various types of maintenance service contracts for the analysis systems.

The main sectors we work in are:

  • Refineries and Petrochemicals
  • Nuclear, Thermal and Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • LNG Plants and Distribution Stations