Electrical Modules

Our workshops are equipped and prepared for the manufacture of large electrical modules or mobile electrical rooms ideal for any facility where space is limited, or where a fully equipped and factory-tested electrical room is required, ready to connect onsite.

CYMI has over eight years experience manufacturing this type of module. Our major projects include supplying General Electric with 125 electrical modules to control gas turbines in combined cycle thermal power plants erected worldwide, and 15 Rectifier Traction Substations or the trolleybus in Venezuela.

Our modules or electrical rooms consist of the following:

  • A base structure, which guarantees robustness and prevents possible deformations, forms a self-supporting whole.
  • The bottom part is enclosed along its perimeter, but has the necessary openings to install removable location plaques of the entry glands.
  • The enclosures of the sides and roof are made of galvanised steel panels screwed to each other. Sections are assembled on the floor inside which reinforce the base structure and allow for the placement of the “raised flooring”.
  • “Sandwich” type trim, consisting of flame-retardant rockwool covered with steel sheet is placed on the sides, roof and floor for good thermal insulation.
  • The doors, which form part of the structural enclosure, are hinged and have a key-operated lock.
  • The modules have class Al (non-flammable) fire protection level, and the covers and doors have an IP54 protection rating.
  • All the housings have a 40×5 mm plate for the earthing of the housing, a normal and emergency lighting system, smoke detectors and air conditioning units.

The scope of application of these modules is very broad, although in the main they are for:

  • Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plants
  • Traction Substations
  • Distribution Substations
  • Transformer Substations and Remote Control

All the equipment is delivered after being fully tested in our workshop, with the assurance of knowing it will work perfectly onsite. This integration leads to huge savings in the assembly, wiring and start-up phases.

Mobile Traction Substation

Last year, in collaboration with our client’s technical personnel, we performed the design, manufacture and commissioning of a mobile traction substation for the Catalan rail company Ferrocarriles Catalanes de la Generalitat (FCG), manufacturing the main components, such as the overhead contact line feeder panels, the rectifier and the control system (SCADA), paying special attention to the limited space available (the size of a conventional train carriage).