CYMI has extensive experience in the completion of “turnkey” projects for specialised airport infrastructure installations. We have expert aeronautical engineers to manage this type of project who liaise with the airport authority throughout execution. We also have highly specialised personnel whose qualifications have been officially recognised as appropriate for working at an airfield. Our main client in this activity is AENA, although we have also performed work for the most important construction companies, such as ACS, DRAGADOS, OHL, Ferrovial, Acciona, Corsan – Corvian, Ortiz, as well as international public entities, such as ANA in Portugal.

Airfield and Apron Guidance Equipment.

Specially worth mentioning as part of the main activities in the airport sector are guidance equipment installations on runways, taxiways and aprons, as well as approach systems and auxiliary installations, such as lighting for large surface areas, aprons, controller housings. These include the work we performed on the 15L-33R runway and taxiways at Barajas airport in Madrid, and the adaptation of the airfield of Torrejón de Ardoz airbase, which is open to civil traffic.

Power Stations, Controller Housings and Transformer Substations.

CYMI has extensive experience with the electrical installations of all types of electricity generation plants and in the transformation and transmission of electricity. As a result, we are more than capable of taking on the responsibility of working in landside or airside electricity power stations, controller housings or transformer substations, providing our expertise to build new power stations and to consider any difficulties and drawbacks in assemblies or alterations at airport power stations, which, in the majority of the cases, have to continue operating so that the service they provide the airport with is not interrupted. The main projects undertaken include the redevelopment of the electric and control management system at Vitoria Airport, the construction of the power station for the Barcelona Plan, and the new electricity power station at Fuerteventura Airport.

Installations in Terminal Buildings and Car Parks.

For the past thirty years, CYMI has implemented electricity, special and climate control installations at the most important Spanish airports. Our main projects include installations in the satellite building at Barajas Airport in Madrid, the car parks in terminals T2 and T4 at Barajas Airport in Madrid, the electricity installations in the new terminal and control tower at La Palma Airport, climate control improvement in the boarding bridges in terminal 4 and the satellite building at Barajas Airport in Madrid.

This activity encompasses all the installations a terminal building requires: electricity, climate control, plumbing, sewer system, baggage transport, fire detection and extinguishing, CCTV, access control, active signage, voice and data network.

Special Installations.

As part of CYMI’s desire to innovate and adapt to new technologies, the company was a pioneer in the installation and maintenance of special 400 Hz installations at Spanish Airports. This type of installation is now being used at all airports with aircraft boarding bridges equipped with Climate Control installations. Our main projects in this sector are: 400 Hz power increase at terminals T1, T2 and T3 at Barajas Airport in Madrid, the installation of 400 Hz equipment and an environmental management system at Palma de Mallorca Airport, and the adaptation of the 400 Hz system at Barcelona Airport.

Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) at airports are especially worth noting. CYMI has implemented the BHS turnkey project, in collaboration with one of the main technologists of these systems, at the new El Prat airport terminal in Barcelona. These automated systems are gradually being installed at major airports worldwide, and we are one of the main companies offering this solution.