Solid Bulk Transport and Storage

CYMI installs, using the EPC model (engineering, procurement and construction), design, operate and maintain bulk material handling projects, which transport minerals, cereals, waste, and grain using covered conveyor belts, often supported by complex steel structures. These installations include storage silos and fire control and protection systems.

The result of our research and technical innovation is new bulk handling systems, which CYMI specialises in. One of our major projects was MEDUSA at the Port of La Coruña for Unión Fenosa. It consisted of the “turnkey” execution of coal handling installations with a continuous unloader for 120,000 mt boats, of a completely enclosed storage yard (which is beautifully designed, especially its dome) and of a covered conveyor belt system which guarantees minimum environmental impact in an almost urban setting.

The essential components in this type of installation are as follows:

  • Storage Silos.
  • Hoppers.
  • Stackers and reclaimers.
  • Conveyor belts with vertical concave and convex curves, and horizontal curves. Hood to protect the material and to prevent dust being blown by the wind.
  • Roller stations in straight and curved sections on wedges to achieve a camber.
  • Conveyor belt and connections.
  • Metal structures formed by frames anchored to the ground, raised sections formed by girders and canopies supported by lattice trestles.
  • Electrical installation of the entire system, which includes power installation with frequency converters.
  • Control and operation system.

Our main Clients include: