Fuel Storage Yards

CYMI performs “turnkey” contracts for detailed engineering, procurement management, construction supervision and execution, commissioning, as well as the operation and maintenance of fuel storage yards with atmospheric and pressure tanks.

Our highly experienced and qualified team in the storage tank and sphere department is responsible for checking and supervising all the various project management phases, including technical and financial project management, as well as all the quality, environmental and occupational health and safety parameters required.

CYMI offers services in all the processes in this activity:

  • Receipt of product: Pipelines for various products.
  • Storage:
    • Storage tanks for petrol, diesel oil, jet fuel and fuel oil in sealed environments.
    • Underground tanks for the storage of propane and butane.
    • Storage spheres for propane and propylene.
    • Storage tanks for phenol, soda and acetone.
    • Fire prevention and fighting systems: Gas, flame and heat detectors, foam generators, cooling rings, water lances.
    • Cooling systems.
  • Product Pumping: Pumps and compressors.
  • Product Loading: Loading islands with loading arms for the various products.
  • Additive System: Dosing of additives in the loading arms.
  • Odorization System: Pumps, intermediate tanks, measurement boxes.
  • Drainage System: Underground tanks to collect drainage from tanker lorries and loading arms.
  • Control System.
  • Steam Recovery: Control of volatile compound emissions.
  • Water Treatment: Flow analysis and measurement system recording the hydrocarbon content and the discharge flow in real time.

One of our most important references is the Fuel Storage Yard on the island of Madeira with 50.000 m3 tanks for diesel oil and jet fuel, 3.000 m3 spheres for propylene, etc.

Our main Clients include:

  • CLH
  • DISA
  • GALP